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Slither Away on Slitherio Game on Your PC! is just like your favorite classic Snake game – but with a new and innovative twist. Aside from aiming to become a longer and bigger worm, you also have to try your best to survive in the multiplayer arena for as long as you can.

Make sure you swerve and avoid other worms on Slitherio to ensure your survival. Eat as much food as you can and pack up on weight and length on the playing field. Once you have grown enough, you can terrorize the smaller worms and make snacks out of them.

Enjoy A Multiplayer Slither Game or Play Against AI

The game has 2 modes. You can play Slitherio against other players online. If you are not yet confident to go against seasoned Slither players, you can practice by playing against the AI instead! Once you have chosen a game mode, you will be thrown into a massive field where you start as a small worm.

Find bits of food within the area to grow bigger and longer! It is easy to spot food because they are represented by tiny glowing dots in the playfield. Sometimes, you have to slither and wiggle away for a while before you can find bits of food in the arena.

Dead worms also turn into food. Once a worm explodes, it will disintegrate and leave chunks of food behind. You can eat these up to become bigger and longer! Just make sure that you are not the one who will be turned into a snack.

Be the Biggest and Baddest Worm in the Arena!

Starting as a small worm is hard – especially if there are already very long and big worms in the arena! While you are still a small worm, just keep out of trouble for as much as you can. Find food instead and gobble up until you become a bigger and longer worm.

Once you grow bigger, you can bump into other worms that are smaller than you. But be careful, you have to avoid bumping heads with the other worms – or else you will explode! If other worms do bump into you, it’s over for them, and their bodies will leave a trail of food that you can eat up to get bigger, longer and better in the playing field!

To win, all you have to do is to survive and become a bigger worm in the multiplayer arena. You can play the game as long as you want. It is just a matter of navigation and survival skills!

Change Up Your Worm’s Skin

Free slither io games has tons of players who play the game in real-time. That’s hundreds or thousands of other worms in the game’s multiplayer arena on any given day! With so many worms, you need to at least make sure that you don’t confuse your worm with that of another player. So, how can you make your worm look distinct from the other? By changing their color or skin, of course!

You can choose from a wide palette of colors to give your worm a unique skin. There are also tons of skin patterns and premium designs to choose from. Give your worm a unique look to make it distinctive in the wide slither arena!

Download on PC Today for Free! was first released for mobile users, but now you can also enjoy the game on your PC for free! You can download a Slither unblocked game today to get started. Playing on PC is better, especially if your mobile phone keeps crashing when you play games.

Controlling your worm is also easier on PC because you can use the keys to navigate your worm around the arena. Sure, you can also do this on mobile by simply swiping or swerving the screen. However, if your phone is not very responsive when it comes to swiping and tapping, playing Slither on PC is a better alternative! Try on PC to experience the difference.

Aside from, you can also get more worm and slither games on your PC for free. There are more unblocked casual games that you can enjoy on PC or Mac. Aside from free games, you can try other popular games such as Clash of Clans and Mobile Legends.

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Game Features

  • Play on Massive Multiplayer Mode
  • Practice by Playing Against AI
  • Customize Your Worm with Unique and Colorful Skins
  • Enjoy an Endless Slithering Game
  • Top the Global Rankings!

Download and Play Slither-io on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Play Slitherio Games Online For Free Screenshot
Play Slitherio Games Online For Free Screenshot Play the Modern Snake Game on PC Now