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3 Tips & Tricks to Master

Ever since was released for web browsers, it instantly became a hit among the many players. Aside from the addicting gameplay that we all love, lets you play against multiple players, so there’s the added thrill. Although you can play against an AI, there’s absolutely no fun in that. Rather, it’s more enjoyable to face the real challenge, which is facing real players who are probably better than you. If indeed you get to face certain challenges in the game, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you.

Tip 1: Make Use of the Controls and Features in

When playing, make sure to choose your controls wisely. In this game, you can either use the mouse or the keyboard. It is necessary to ensure that you are comfortable with your controls so you could navigate the snake well.

Apart from the controls, see to it that you use the map and plan your route accordingly. The map is full of glowing orbs that you can eat. Therefore, choose the path where there are many orbs so you can eat an ample amount of it to grow longer. Also, eat those leftover orbs from a recently exploded snake so it would be easier for you to get longer. Outer Edge


Tip 2: Always Stay Away From the Bigger Snakes

Stay away from bigger snakes always because they can easily kill you. What’s more, avoid hitting their bodies as much as possible, or else you’ll die. You can avoid them by heading over to the outer edges.

Whenever they try to wrap around you, get away from them fast by dashing or boosting. You can do that by simply double-clicking the screen. Once you’re caught up in the snakes’ wrap, not only will you be possibly dead, but it will also make you smaller.

However, if you’re bigger than them, make sure to eat them and feast on the glowing orbs that come once they explode. You can also circle around the snakes that are smaller than you to trap them. Once they hit your body, they will die and explode in an instant.

Tip 3: Focus on Your Goal While Having Fun

When playing, make sure to only focus on one goal: to survive and top the leaderboards. Avoid getting distracted by looking at the other colorful and glowing snakes. One distraction can cost your snake’s life. Therefore, it is better to be focused once you’re already in the game.

Apart from focusing on your goal to win, make sure to have fun. After all, having fun is the essence of this game; winning is only a consolation. But unless you are competitive, you can always practice against the AI first and hone your orb-eating skills so you can top the leaderboards.

Now that you know these helpful tips, it’s time to take them to action by downloading and playing on PC!