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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Play is a game by Lowtech Studios, which is a lot like the classic snake game that we all used to love. But this version is better and more exciting because of the many features that we could all appreciate. For one, you will be playing against other players to compete who becomes the biggest snake that could outlast everyone. With this, every player must do their best to survive and not to get killed. Another exciting feature is that you get to leave any message for other players to see.

Despite the similarity of to the classic Snake game, it’s best to familiarize its in-game features if you’re a beginner. Not only will it help you get by the game easily, but it will also help you improve your gameplay. Thus, continue reading if you want to know more of its interesting in-game features.


Unlike in the classic Snake game, uses boosters. These boosters are useful so your snake can dash or sprint. You can use these boosters in times when bigger snakes will come and get you. Moreover, these boosters will leave glowing orbs on your trail if they are used up. If you can find them, eat them as much as possible so your snake can grow bigger.

Aside from using it to run away from bigger snakes, you can also use boosters to trick smaller snakes. You can do that by dashing to the smaller snake and make them crash into you by turning sharply on their side. It might be tricky at first, but it’s the best way to eat as many glowing orbs as you can. Plus, you will have less competition, too. Map

When playing, you will see a map on the right hand corner of the screen. This map is where you can see the entire field that you are playing in. Moreover, use it to avoid certain areas or go to the areas you feel are safe for you, especially when you get bigger. Remember, bigger snakes will keep an eye on you once you grow bigger, so you must find a way to keep their prying eyes away. Beginning Leaderboard

On the top corner of the screen is where you’ll find the leaderboard. There you will see the names of the top players in the game. That being said, it is obvious that they are the longest and biggest snakes in the field you’re in. Therefore, you have to be careful when you go near them. Now, if you want to see your name on the leaderboard, make sure to eat all the glowing orbs that you pass by.


What’s cool about is that you can change the skin of your snake before you start the game. So if you want your snake to look amazing, make sure to choose a skin that you prefer. If you worry about the limited choices, well worry not as there are more than 50 skins to choose from.

Now that you know these essential in-game features, make sure to put them to good use every time you play Nevertheless, download and play this classic game on your PC now!